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exercise k.srsz pluriel: exercises. physical exercise, mental exercise, yoga exercise, military exercise, textbook exercise. further outdoor exercise was now out of the question on ne pouvait plus songer à aucune excursion Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë. Verbe modifier le wikicode. Infinitif to exercise.
Traduction exercise français Dictionnaire anglais Reverso.
I have had all the exercise I need for one day. Lack of exercise can lead to feelings of depression. to take exercise prendre de l'exercice.' How often do you take exercise? to get exercise faire de l'exercice.' He never gets any exercise.
Traduction exercise en français Dictionnaire anglais-français Mediadico.
To exercise a right: exercer un droit. To exercise oneself: se donner du mal. To exercise an influence over: exercer une influence sur. To exercise leadership: exercer le leadership. To exercise the right of option: user du droit d option.
Exercise medicine Exercise therapy UCLouvain.
Le certificat duniversité. Les participants qui suivent le programme et réussissent les épreuves dévaluation se voient délivrer un Certificat duniversité en Exercise Therapy, assorti de 14 crédits ECTS ou un Certificat duniversité en Exercise Medicine, assorti de 11 crédits ECTS.
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Collocations: exercise indoors, outside, at the gym, regular, frequent exercise, exercise equipment, more. Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots exercise." a good way to exercise. a lot of exercises? An exercise in bad faith. An Exercise in Futility.

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